Sunday, September 9, 2007

Investiture Ceremony 2007

At the crack of dawn, a new day began. It wasn’t an ordinary day; it was the day when individuals were invested with responsibilities. When I awoke, I realized that it just isn’t any other day, it is the most coveted and special day for three thousand students and over a hundred teachers and staff. Early in the morning at eight ‘o’ clock the school flag fluttered in all its grace and might, and flew higher than the soaring eagle.

I walked into school that day, nervous, scared, excited and proud. I was nervous and scared as I was not very sure whether I would be able to live up to what others expect of me, just the other day Nihal Kovvali wrote to me congratulating me and all the other members of the prefectorial board. He wrote about what is like to be a prefect in school, what does one expect out of each of us. I felt nervous and scared.

Once I walked into school, seeing the Shaaheen block, I felt excited and proud to be a part of a school which has a history like no other. I was now ready to face all the challenges along with my friends. Yes friends! Not fellow students and not colleagues. I had this very interesting talk with my GYLC friend on what they thought of leadership, she said, “leadership isn’t about bossing people around, it is about how one can change one’s vision and make a group look through one’s own eyes, make everyone have a single vision.” I was very impressed by what she said and urge everyone do to so, unity in vision and we shall soar where no eagle has gone before.

The investiture was very special and memorable. Seeing our seniors come back to school to receive various prizes. They talked about how the world out there is so similar to our school, and how HPS has prepared them for life, out in that world. The investiture was bang on time with the various troops lined up to greet the chief guest. Oh what a sight it was! I was standing in the 11th ISC troop, recalling those days when I was a navy cadet standing in the troop wearing that white uniform with the cap on our heads. It made us feel like soldiers. The parade inspection was next and went of beautifully to the patriotic tunes.

The investiture of prefects and captains was next. A wonderful speech by the head boy and head girl kicked things off. I was deeply touched by our head girls’ speech and made me think about my firsts’ in school. I am sure everyone was impressed by our friends who are now going to lead us through school life for a year. A proud moment for parents, to see their child being given responsibilities of the highest order. Not a dry eye in the audience.

The prize distribution followed, grand as always. Inspiring, motivating and awarding describe this event most aptly. The march-past as usual was a spectacle. Investiture is not just a day when prefects are invested and the NCC troops put up a show. It is a day when the new, meet the old, the new get to know what we are all about and this declares us, soaring eagles, to the world making a statement. “We are here and ready to make our mark.”


Anonymous said...

keep the faith.

rishu said...

this is marvellous man!!!!!!!!!!